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  • Exclusive single-taste hot-smoked fish delicacies
    • Delicious warm smoked salmon natural or salmon lemon pepper
      Our salmon are given a delicious brine bath before the smoking process, this keeps them wonderfully juicy. Our natural then goes into the smokehouse to dry, the lemon pepper rubbed with carefully selected herbs with lemon pepper. Thanks to the smoking process and Liz's unique family recipe, the salmon has an explosive full flavour.
    • Delicious smoked, hand-filed eel fillet
      our eel fillet is buttery, deliciously tender and melts on your tongue. When you taste it, you are an instant fan! Eel fillet is a healthy snack full of the right omega3 fats. Enjoy & snack on it!
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  • The product photos of the boxes are for inspiration. The actual product only includes the fish as content

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Delivery and shelf life

Smoked by Liz's hot-smoked delicacies are among the finest quality eels and salmon. By using only the highest quality fresh fish & the authentic method of preparation according to the traditional 100-year-old family recipe, these luxury delicacies are created. After cooling down from the smoking process, the delicacies are immediately packed in MAP (protective atmosphere) packaging. The delicious delicacies are packed in the luxurious Smoked by Liz box. The luxury box is then repacked with ice packs and placed in a special refrigerated box. This keeps our products fresh and chilled during transport. Our fresh products meet the requirements of the highest quality criteria of the HACCP.

All our products are produced exclusively for you to order. The production time of our hot-smoked fish delicacies is 1 to 2 working days. When we ship your order, it will be provided with a track & trace code, which you will receive by e-mail. So you can easily receive your delicacies at the right time.

The order will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days after you receive the order confirmation, unless a different delivery date is indicated. The delicacies can be stored in the fridge and can be kept for 14 days unopened.

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  1. Loes -

    Already enjoyed Smoked by Liz's delicious fish delicacy several times! Butter soft and it melts on your tongue, truly a treat for any fish lover. Also nice to give as a gift!

  2. Marieke -

    A real Burgundian treat with this traditionally smoked eel and salmon! I once used it to make delicious bruscettas to accompany drinks. And during the holidays it is also great for making culinary amuses, starters or in-between dishes. Deliciously authentic.

  3. Danielle -

    Delicious delicacies. Highly recommended!!!

  4. Known -

    Rob Bergmans

    Nice site , lots of info but has to be
    Craving salmon/ eel again
    So that works

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