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The exclusive drinks box combined with the wooden serving board with the company logo burned in for visibility. An insane business gift that your relations will come back to you often.

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On Christmas Eve, we often want to toast, drink and eat together. We do enough in the kitchen this time of year, which is why SMOKED by Liz has put together an exclusive delicious luxury drinks box especially for Christmas Eve, to enjoy together. When you don't have to spend all your time in the kitchen, you actually have time for each other.

Below, we describe the contents of our special deluxe drinks box:

Exclusive smoked fish delicacies

  • Delicious warm smoked salmon lemon pepper
    After a delicious cold brine bath, our salmon is rubbed with lemon pepper. Then SMOKED by Liz's smoking experts start the smoking process according to Liz's unique family recipe. The result is a delicious hot smoked salmon with lemon pepper that has a mild yet full explosive full flavour.
  • Delicious smoked, hand-filed eel fillet
    After cooling down from the smoking process, our eels are manually filleted by our filleting specialists. They carefully examine each eel and ensure that only the very best ends up in our boxes. Our eel fillet is buttery soft, deliciously tender and melts on your tongue. When you taste it, you are an instant fan! Eel fillet is a healthy snack full of the right omega3 fats. Enjoy & snack on it!

Italian authentic cured meats

  • Extraordinary Prosciutto. "S.Ilario" sigla AZ. M51 - 30/34 mesi
    This special Sant'Ilario is a raw ham from the Parma region (Parma ham), and in its kind the absolute best of Italian hams. The most delicious meat is obtained from the thighs of the Italian pig, after which the meat undergoes a maturing process of at least 30 months, under strict climatic conditions suitable for drying this extraordinary meat. This brings out its distinct sweet characteristics and delicate flavour. It is recommended to consume this ham in its purity.
  • Delectable Salame al Picante
    Our salami is made from the best pork from the Norcina region. To the regular pork, wild boar meat has been added to achieve a mild unique flavour. This is meat is supplemented with spicy herbs, a combination that together creates the spicy but delectable flavour.
  • Exquisite Bresaola sosio
    Our unique bresaola sosio is made from exquisite high-quality beef, another gem from the Ansuini brothers. the bresaola is soft in flavour and melting on your tongue! This one was not to be missed in our varied luxury drinks box.

Special cheeses from the affineur

  • Excellent Blu Royal
    Blue Royal is an excellent blue cheese from Austrian Styria. The texture of the cheese is buttery and melting on the tongue. Blue cheeses have an intense aromatic profile and harmonise particularly well with dried and candied fruit. The reason for us to add a refinement. It is important for us to combine the intensity of the from the blue mould with fruity aromas. For this, we have used dried sweet plums from the region "Susine di Dro" D.O.P. Trentino, an insanely flavourful combination. We let you enjoy the excellent fragrant aromas of toasted pine nuts, dried mushrooms, prunes and cocoa beans. Blu Royal is made from cow's milk and a gem in this box.
  • Exceptional Florisa
    This special goat cheese is refined with dried mountain blossoms and aromatic herbs. This exceptional combination gives the blissful cheese its pleasantly soft and delicate flavour. The special intense floral notes they particularly pleasant and supposedly diffuse all the scents and aromas of our meadows and mountain pastures. The texture of this beautiful little cheese is soft and elastic, the flavour sweet and delicate. Florisa is made from goat's milk, a cheese that surprises and encourages you to keep eating it. Our affineur Hansi Baumgartner has outdone himself with these cheeses!

PURE ROSE WOOD serving board

When you go out to enjoy together you need a serving board and preferably with your logo burnt into it, so that every time the beautiful board comes out they see who gave this unique gift. Our Pure Rose Wood serving board is a natural product, sourced from Dalbergia Sissoo trees from South Asia. The Indian Rosewood has a warm colour and beautiful striking markings with alternation between dark tones of the heartwood and
lighter tones of the sapwood. Each board has character, as each piece of wood has its own markings and colour gradient. The black metal handles are not only convenient to use, but also give the boards a tough look. The wood of the Pure Rose Wood collection comes from a sustainably managed forest and is FSC®-certified. This means you are also giving a sustainable gift that will last for years. Top business gift!

The set price includes engraving the company logo on the serving board. Nicest place for the logo is at the bottom of the board, where the logo can be engraved up to 10 cm.

Delivery and shelf life

Smoked by Liz's hot-smoked delicacies are among the finest quality eels and salmon. By using only the highest quality fresh fish & the authentic method of preparation according to the traditional over 120-year-old family recipe, these luxury delicacies are created. After cooling down from the smoking process, the delicacies are immediately packed in MAP (protective atmosphere) packaging. 

The refining door ensures that the cheese retains its original organoleptic profile while respecting the careful work of the cheesemaker. The combinations are designed to enhance the raw materials. Once the cheese is ready, it is packed in non-invasive packaging with a dual purpose: to protect the cheese and make it look better. These organic products are inspected by ABCERT IT BIO 013.

The delicious delicacies are packed in the luxury SMOKED by Liz box. Afterwards, the luxury box is cooled with icepacks and then placed in a special refrigerated box so that our products remain fresh and chilled during transport. Our fresh products meet the requirements of the highest HACCP quality criteria.

When we ship your order, it will be provided with a track & trace code, which you will receive from us by e-mail. This way, you can easily receive your delicacies at the right time.

This special Christmas edition will be firmly delivered on 23 December. You can store the delicacies in the fridge and they will keep for 14 days unopened. Best stored at a temperature between 4 - 7°.

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