Christmas main course salmon

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Delicious main dish of fish, warm smoked salmon. Unique, healthy, delicious and perfectly easy to prepare for the holidays at Christmas or New Year's Eve. Just surprisingly good!

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Main course warm smoked salmon with lemon pepper on a bed of Jerusalem artichoke puree

Especially for the real epicurean, SMOKED by Liz, has put together a delicious, easy and healthy main course to enjoy together.

For the main course of the festive season, Christmas or New Year, we chose our unique warm smoked salmon lemon pepper.

SMOKED by Liz's hot-smoked salmon are among the best quality farmed salmon. The salmon that is still really allowed to swim for its food in natural waters, the salmon that has room to swim and be allowed to grow in order to achieve the perfect balance between fats and proteins. This is the salmon that is ideally suited to be smoked according to Liz's family recipe. Our salmon is smoked without additives and is packed with omega3 fats, tasty and healthy. After a cold brine bath, our salmon is rubbed with the lemon pepper spice mixture and then smoked on a mix of oak and beech wood. This combination gives the salmon a warm unique full and, above all, succulent flavour. At home, all you need to do is heat the salmon, wrap it in aluminium foil and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 65 degrees.

We combine the salmon with a purée of Jerusalem artichokes, cream and purple cauliflower. This goes very well with roasted vine tomatoes and bimi with himalayan salt and olive oil. A delicious winter dish with distinctly special flavours that are perfect for a healthy main course for Christmas!

The detailed description of the recipe will be added to the box. The box contains half a side of warm smoked salmon lemon pepper. The remaining ingredients still need to be added by yourself. The recipe is for 4 persons.

Wine tip: full-bodied wood-aged chardonnay
Beer tip: Triple beer or a powerful blonde beer
Non-alcoholic tip: fresh Lapsang Souchong, known to most people as smoking tea.

Delivery and shelf life

Smoked by Liz's hot-smoked delicacies are among the finest quality eels and salmon. By using only the highest quality fresh fish & the authentic method of preparation according to the traditional over 120-year-old family recipe, these luxury delicacies are created. After cooling down from the smoking process, the delicacies are immediately packed in MAP (protective atmosphere) packaging. 

The refining door ensures that the cheese retains its original organoleptic profile while respecting the careful work of the cheesemaker. The combinations are designed to enhance the raw materials. Once the cheese is ready, it is packed in non-invasive packaging with a dual purpose: to protect the cheese and make it look better. These organic products are inspected by ABCERT IT BIO 013.

The delicious delicacies are packed in the luxury SMOKED by Liz box. Afterwards, the luxury box is cooled with icepacks and then placed in a special refrigerated box so that our products remain fresh and chilled during transport. Our fresh products meet the requirements of the highest HACCP quality criteria.

When we ship your order, it will be provided with a track & trace code, which you will receive from us by e-mail. This way, you can easily receive your delicacies at the right time.

This special Christmas edition will be firmly delivered on 23 December. You can store the delicacies in the fridge and they will keep for 14 days unopened. Best stored at a temperature between 4 - 7°.

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