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About Smoked by Liz

The online delicatessen, SMOKED by Liz, was founded in 2021 by Elisabeth (Liz) Beukers, born and raised in the village of Bunschoten-Spakenburg. I grew up with delicious, pure and authentic delicacies. From home 'on the farm', I inherited the love and respect for natural products. From my family heroes the passion, love and conviction for the entrepreneurial profession!

I was born into an agricultural entrepreneurial family from Bunschoten. From my mother's side, I am part of one of Spakenburg's oldest fishing families. Its origins date back to the early 15th century.

My father, Rut Beukers, is a highly successful agricultural entrepreneur, who successfully founded, expanded and then sold his entire agricultural empire from a single calf. My great-grandfather, Vok Muys, was a very successful, well-known and an extremely influential entrepreneur in the fish trade as well as smokehouse business across Europe. My grandfather, Rut Koops, successfully put the painting craft of the Koops family business back on the map with quality as the main characteristic.

These three men are my family heroes, to this I owe my entrepreneurial spirit and my perseverance. The secret of these successful entrepreneurs: Think, Dare & above all Do. This is now my entrepreneurial motto.

Why Smoked by Liz

SMOKED by Liz is the online deli that lets people enjoy luxurious, authentic and artisanal delicacies.

SMOKED by Liz believes in authenticity and in traditional crafts, in pure and honest products. From this conviction and with the thoughts of her family heroes in mind, the delicacies were developed. Fresh smoked fish prepared with love and respect for the product and the craft. SMOKED by Liz delicacies are prepared without the addition of water or other additives, according to the original more than 100-year-old family recipe: pure, mild and honest. You can taste this in every bite. According to culinary epicure Liz, a piece of heaven on earth!

As a host or hostess, you create a unique unforgettable experience for your guests during your dinner or drinks. As a giver of a culinary gift in luxury packaging, you make an indelible impression. You create a lasting tasty memory.

SMOKED by Liz's mission is to share this unique taste experience with as many people as possible.

The world needs true delicacy!


Where is it made?

Our deliciously exclusive, luxurious and authentic delicacies are smoked, how could it be otherwise, in the beautiful fishing village of Spakenburg. Spakenburg's harbours are inextricably linked to Liz's fishing family. This is where the botters on which the fishermen earned their living are located and this is where they were welcomed back after weeks at sea.

Liz's great-grandfather played a key role in receiving the fish catch, trading them and smoking them. Our smoke masters belong to the same influential fishing family of Liz and have inherited the vision of developing an honest product while respecting our nature. Passion, conviction, love and respect for the product. You can taste that!