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A corporate gift is a gift from the giver with the aim of strengthening the relationship. Choosing the right business gift is therefore important. To make the right choice, it is important to consider how you, see yourself as a person.

How do you see yourself? Would you describe yourself as a gourmet who chooses authentic food preparation and an explosion of flavours or do you see yourself as a simple enjoyer, not too complicated. Do you like a nice cool glass of white wine, a full-bodied red wine or a nice cold beer, or do you like a bit of everything? Do you prefer to eat out at the local all you can eat where you get to grab your own food and drinks or do you make the choice to be fully catered for at a restaurant where they make you feel like the guest and where they let you experience the food and drink. In short, do you choose the quick bite or the exclusive experience. All choices are good because they are your choices and that makes you happy. Your personal standards and values are reflected in the gift you choose for your relations, colleagues, friends, family or acquaintances. Actually, nothing is as personal and pure as the gift you give. What you need to think about is what you want to give. A nice box or a packet of happiness? The choice contributes to the success you want to achieve together.

There are some key success factors that perfect the art of giving.

  1. Give a gift that surprises! Lots of people love getting a surprise they didn't expect. Do you give a package or give a gift of happiness? Your choice and what you think is important is decisive. It is the basis for the success of the gift box as a business gift. Imagination is everything!
  2. Give an honest and sustainable gift. We live in a special time when we need to treat each other and the earth well. Give a gift that is truly fair and sustainably produced. You will be surprising and sustainable at the same time. Together we make an impact!

A correctly chosen business gift reflects the importance you attach to a relationship, without embarrassing the relationship in the process. So an overly expensive or large gift is not good and quickly smacks of bribery, but a trivial gift does not benefit the relationship either. In short, it is precision work that you can put together with the right party using the right questions and the matching budget.

Give a tangible and culinary experience, in the form of a delicacy box or one specific delicacy, honest products and a nice story. This is how you create a lasting feeling of genuine appreciation. SMOKED BY LIZ believes in authenticity and in crafts, in passion and conviction. From this vision and the artisanal preparation method, together with our smoke masters, we have created a very high-quality product with a luxurious look and feel. The perfect gift!

SMOKED BY LIZ works with pure, honest, fresh and sustainable products where love and respect for the product and the craft, prevail. Our delicious luxury, exclusive delicacies are smoked in the authentic fishing village of Spakenburg. A business gift from SMOKED BY LIZ is an ideal tool to increase the effectiveness of communication or PR activities. Success never comes alone, success surprises and with a gift box full of happiness: Success guaranteed!

SMOKED by Liz's mission is to make this unique experience, known and loved worldwide.

The world needs true delicacy!