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The online delicatessen

SMOKED by Liz is the online deli that lets people enjoy luxurious, authentic and artisanal delicacies. Several varieties of smoked fish, uniquely prepared according to Liz's old family recipe. Her roots are in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, where the passion and love for fish delicacies once began.

The world needs true delicacy! Everywhere in the world you should be able to enjoy pure and honest products. From delicious hot-smoked salmon, butter-soft eel fillet, delectable Italian hams to the most extraordinary cheeses. The overtone is respect for the product, respect for the craft, exactly as Mother Nature intended.

Smoked by Liz is the reliable, flexible and surprising partner for employers and entrepreneurs who value work happiness. The partner who helps the entrepreneur in the field of culinary gifts, from which the appreciation of the relationship and the employee is at its best. An open culture where feedback from the team and customers are important!

These delicious delicacies are of high quality you won't find anywhere else. The products are delivered to your home in exclusive chilled packaging. Due to the unique preparation method, the flavour is sensational and no further preparation of the hot smoked fish, hams or cheeses is necessary. Serve it directly (cold or hot) on toast, in a delicious salad, as an amuse, as a main course with your dinner or as a drinks platter. Treat yourself, your friends or family, at home over drinks or dinner.

SMOKED by Liz delicacies leave an indelible gastronomic impression, a true culinary experience for anyone who tastes it.

The mission of SMOKED by Liz
The world needs true delicacy! Liz's mission is that by 2030, she will have helped 15,000 companies and institutions with pure, healthy and delicious gifts, helping to increase employees' happiness at work and best reflecting warmth and love for the employee and high appreciation for work!

By 2030, SMOKED by Liz is Europe's number one delicatessen brand with the surpassing goal of global exposure and successful sales by 2040. World domination to make as many people, companies and institutions as possible happy with my delicacies. DREAM BIG!

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