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The Gifts by Liz concept is especially for the warm, friendly and considerate employer, who would like to do something extra to motivate and reward their employees. By giving genuine personal attention and interest, employees will have the confidence to be open and honest with you as an employer. As an employer, you thereby create employee commitment and loyalty.

GIFTS by Liz helps you, the employer, increase work happiness so that the employee feels even better about herself and speaks positively about the employer. A happy, cheerful and satisfied employee is crucial because they are more productive, work better together, are sick less often and are loyal ambassadors for your company.

These are very big advantages for your company or institution. People talk about you as an employer at parties and birthdays. How happy and proud they are to work for your company and what a great employer you are, the employee is the ambassador for your company. The main benefits for you: convenience, comfort, ambassadors who attract new people and an engaged employer.

What does GIFTS by Liz do:

  • a mini scan among employees on what they really care about, what they really like and what they can enjoy immensely.
  • tailor-made "culinary, healthy and exclusive surprise" that suits the employee and fits within the agreed budget
  • deliver gift at key aligned moments
  • flexibility with matching budget per special moment type
  • complete logistics from (refrigerated) dispatch to delivery
  • personalised layout in your own house style with personal message
  • calendar/agenda management agreed attention moments
  • operational distribution management carefree at the right time, the right culinary gift
  • end-of-year mini-evaluation employee, how did he or she experience it

What does the GIFTS by Liz deliver:

  • Increasing employee happiness
  • High employee appreciation
  • Status enhancement as an engaged employer
  • Positive reputation of the company
  • High degree of loyalty to the company
  • Openness and honesty
  • Ambassadors for the organisation, which helps if new employees need to be recruited
  • Convenience and comfort for you as an employer
  • 1 point of contact, 1 billing partner
  • fixed billing amount per employee
  • Always a gift at the right time

As an entrepreneur or manager, you are constantly being pulled on all sides. A day counts only 24 hours and it is difficult to spend your available time well and efficiently. Especially if you want to keep both your customers and employees happy while at the same time developing your new ideas.

Remember: Money is not important, time is! Time is an essential part of entrepreneurship and it's up to you how you make the best use of the time given to you. The reason to outsource things that provide precious time for you. That makes choosing GIFTS by Liz easy, together we make the picture fit!

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