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Do you also want happy employees who are loyal ambassadors for the organisation? Then read this blog to the end and find out how you can make this happen.

Today's most successful organisations understand how important it is to offer employees genuine attention and appreciation. Besides, we all know what it means to have engaged employees: they are happier, more productive and more likely to behave as ambassadors of you, their employer. Moreover, engaged employees increase your organisation's productivity.

It is challenging for you as an entrepreneur to strike the right chord with the different generations in the labour market. We are dealing with Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, Generation Z and various migrant workers. Each generation, each person and each culture has its own set of needs and requirements. In short: a 'one-size-fits-all' package won't cut it anymore. Moreover, in an increasingly tight labour market, personalising the employee experience is crucial in the 'War for talent'.

As for giving personal gifts, the Working Costs Regulation (WKR) has been introduced in the Netherlands since 2011. Together with Hans Dinkelberg & Alain van Gemert Dinkelberg & Kuipers Advisors and Accountants, the financial experts, we have set out 3 tips on how to make the most of your WKR for tax purposes.


  1. Corporate fitness in one's own organisation
    Exercise is the secret weapon to boost your immune system. When you set up a place in your organisation where employees can practice cardio or fitness, it is untaxed for you.The benefits for your organisation:
    - improved concentration and memory of the employee
    - untaxed for you as an employer
    - it does not come at the expense of your WKR budget (in short, more room for personal gifts)
  2. Staff party at your own location
    With a relaxed company party, you create goodwill among your employees. In a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying snacks and drinks, friendships are forged and all departments talk to each other. With a staff party, the location of the party is important. If it takes place at the workplace, the refreshments provided are untaxed. The same applies if you have employees from other branches, locations or offices over.The benefits for your organisation:
    - promoting the working atmosphere
    - it makes your business more social and at the same time more efficient
    - it does not come at the expense of your WKR budget (in short, more room left over for personal gifts)
  3. Providing electronics such as a phone or tablet
    In today's working environment, employees find it ''normal'' for a phone or tablet to be arranged through the employer. This is an important additional requirement why an employee chooses you as an employer. Providing the electronics is untaxed for you.The benefits for your organisation:
    - meeting important employee desire
    - you create extra luxury and appreciation for the employee
    - by making it available, it is untaxed for you
    - it does not come at the expense of your WKR budget (in short, more room left over for personal gifts)

The amount of the WKR depends on the total wage bill within your organisation. In 2022, the percentages in 2 brackets are as follows:

up to €400,000 1.7%
> € 400,000 1.18%

So suppose the wage bill is €500,000, the free allowance in 2022 is: €6,800 + €1,180 = €7,980. This amount can be used tax-free as allowances for staff.

SUPERTIP: Use your WKR budget for personalised gifts

If you optimise the WKR, this is a nice untaxed budget to deploy for personal gifts to the employee. As a committed employer, you find it important to give sincere attention and appreciation to the employee. The issue we often run into is our precious time. For each unique item, you spend on average one hour per employee. When you multiply this by your own hourly rate, you get a good insight into where the hidden costs are in your organisation. Not for nothing do you want to use your precious time to do business and make your company even more successful. The new concept Gifts by Liz will be launched 25 March, but for you, the reader, a small sneak peak now.

Especially for employers, we therefore have the dream solution:
The Gifts by Liz concept is especially for the warm, friendly and considerate employer, who would like to do something extra to motivate and reward their employees. Through sincere personal attention, you as an employer create employee commitment and loyalty. You as an employer will be talked about at parties and birthdays. How happy and proud they are to work for your company and what a fine employer you are, the employee becomes an ambassador for the organisation. Key benefits for you:
- time
- convenience
- comfort
- committed employer

A happy happy employee is a productive, loyal ambassador for the organisation. What's important here is that you communicate the opportunities to your employees in a personal way. That's where Gifts by Liz helps you, guaranteed personal and committed. Together we make an impact and together we do it well every day!

If you also want to make the most of your time in business and do something extra for your employees, fill in our contact form in and mention Gifts by Liz. I will then contact you to make an appointment and discuss together how we will help you😉.

PS: Have you already arranged the gifts for Easter and secretary's day?