The online delicacy house

SMOKED by Liz is the online delicacy house that lets people enjoy luxurious, authentic and traditionally prepared delicacies. Various variants of smoked fish, prepared in a unique way according to an old family recipe from Liz. Her roots lie in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, where the passion and love for fish delicacies started.

These smoked delicacies are of high quality and you will not find them anywhere else. The products are delivered to your home in an exclusive refrigerated packaging. Due to the unique preparation method, the taste is sensational and further preparation of the fish is not necessary. Serve it directly (cold or warm) on toast, in a delicious salad, as an appetizer or as a main course with your dinner. Treat yourself, your friends or family, at home during a drink or dinner.

The delicacies of SMOKED by Liz leave an indelible gastronomic impression, a true culinary experience for everyone who tastes it.

The mission of SMOKED by Liz is therefore: The world needs true delicacy!

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