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The world needs

true luxury

The world needs

true luxury

How happy are your employees?

If I asked you the question how happy your employees are, what would you answer? Are people at birthdays and parties talking about you as an employer positively or negatively?

At GIFTS by Liz, we naturally hope that your employees speak positively about you and your company and that they are happy. But also that they experience every working day as a party, full of passion and energy. Well, as entrepreneurs, we set high standards for our employees. But as an employer, how do you ensure that these high demands are also achievable? Are you consciously working on it or does it still deserve some attention?

We are convinced that personal attention is needed to achieve what you as an employer envisage.

The concept

The concept GIFTS by Liz is especially for the warm, friendly and attentive employer, who likes to go the extra mile. Do you feel it already? With gifts that are unique and personalised, you make the difference as a company. Through sincere personal attention, you create commitment and loyalty as an employer. Because who doesn't want happy, cheerful and satisfied employees, who cooperate proactively and are less ill? We call that the ideal loyal ambassador.

Still curious about the main benefits for you as an employer? Time, convenience and comfort are the key words that characterise GIFTS by Liz.

Luxury gifts in the picture

Together, we will find out what your needs are. As a company, are you striving for customer happiness, employee happiness or perhaps both?

With our personalised gifts, your luck will never run out.

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About Liz

You probably can't imagine it, seeing me in a dress with high heels, but I grew up in Spakenburg "on the farmie".

And believe me, those high heels, back then, were just rubber flat boots. With a good layer of mud underneath and the occasional rain, I loved helping my father Rut with his agricultural venture.

I grew up with tasty, pure and authentic delicacies. Produced with love and respect for nature and animals. With the right passion, conviction, love and respect, I hope to introduce you to authentic delicacies and luxury gifts as well.

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Research shows that job happiness contributes to employee well-being. In fact, happy staff perform better.
Increasing work happiness boosts productivity, creativity and energy levels.
Employees are also more committed to the company they work for, grow faster to higher positions and face fewer health problems.

Work happiness starts with appreciation. Choosing GIFTS by Liz will keep surprising you and make your employees feel instantly appreciated. 

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Want to know more about what GIFTS by Liz can do for your business? Then fill in the form below.

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As an employer, do you also want to be unique and give original gifts to your employees?
These companies said a resounding YES to that and partnered with SMOKED by Liz!